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How To Create And Distribute Content In 2019

Our content marketing strategy follows the techniques you need to build and distribute your content; building brand, social media, and SEO in 2019.

Content is difficult. Really difficult.

How much? How often? What medium? On which platform? And how can I continue to come up with unique ideas to create every day?

The simple answer is, it’s not easy. But if you follow the Driven content strategy precisely, we promise you will be able to dominate social media in 2019 and grow your channels faster than any other business in your industry.

Micro & Micro Content.

First, let’s agree difference better what we call micro and macro content.

Macro content: This is the larger article; videos, blog articles or Podcasts. This generally takes over 5 minutes for a follower to consume.

Micro content: A piece of micro content might be an image, quote or 30-second clip.

The ‘secret sauce’ to content creation is creating 30 pieces of micro content from one piece of macro content.

How Do You Do This?

A pyramid of content:

You need to structure your content like an upside-down pyramid. One piece of macro content on the top layer can be cut up into 30 pieces of micro content and distributed across a number of different social channels.

How to come up with macro content?

Remember – all macro content is in long form i.e. Video and audio.

What works best as long-form content is different across all industries, and personal brands can play a whole new sector to this.

The key is focusing on your goal and starting from the top.

1. What is your ultimate objective? what will help your business increase sales (grow your bottom line)?

2. What do you want your brand to stand for in your marketplace? Think about your USP’s and why your customer will choose you over your competitors.

3. What content will help you get this message across to full effect?

It’s important to keep your demographic in mind. The more you can tailor your content to them, the better results you will see.

Macro Content Ideas

Video: Videos are a great medium for sharing interesting content related to your brand or industry. YouTube is the second biggest search engine, so this can also be used as an SEO sequence.

Vlogs: Document, Document, Document. A Vlog is perfect to document your day to day life. They don’t have to be a polished production, nor do you have to fake it until you make it anymore. Share your experience as they happen, and your audience will grow.

Blog Articles: Not happy in front of the camera? No problem, Blog articles are great for getting your message across in words. Plus, written content is great for SEO, Win-win.

Podcasts: Not all of us can get out what we have to say in words. Don’t worry, I can’t either, and if you don’t have a team of ghost writers by your side then podcasts are the way forward. People are following podcasts as they are traveling, so it gives them more time to consume your content.

Creating Micro Content From Macro Content

Micro content is short from or snips of content taken from a long form article.

The beauty of this that while traditional macro content is expensive to create, with our Driven method you can extract up to 30 snips to share across all social platforms for very little cost.

Micro content can be quotes from podcasts, images from videos or shoots and small clips extracted from the whole article.

Distributing Content

Depending on the medium, macro content can be shared on your blog/website, YouTube, podcasts or Facebook.

The first round of micro content should be used to drive traffic / viewership to the larger piece of content on YouTube, website or podcast. The more views, likes and engagement it gets, the faster and wider it will grow.

If you share your macro piece of content at 6:00 pm, make sure the smaller pies have hit the platforms by 6:05 pm.

Listening To Your Community

“Live in the comments” as the popular YouTubers say. Listening to what your audience has to say about you is how you can get feedback and to learn.

Plus, the more you engage and react with the followers, the faster your community will grow.

Use this feedback to further develop your content in the future and build more pieces of microcontent from sections your audience have told you they like.  By doing it this way, you will be sharing content that will work!

Where To Share Your Micro Content

The key to successful micro content is tailoring it to each platform. The posts that work for Facebook won’t work for Instagram. You have to think to why people are on these platforms and what they have come to do. If you can relate to that, your content will be 10X more effective than just rolling out generic pieces.

Facebook: Facebook is a platform where people come to get updates about their family and friends. We now have to compete with the restricted reach Facebook has given us content creators.

Twitter: ‘The water cooler of the web’ Here, uses come to keep up to date on news and celebrity options. Often you can have the most impact in the comments

Instagram: Instagram is about images and visuals, so focusing on this will achieve the highest reach.

Snapchat: Snapchat is new to the adverts tool belt. It’s often tricky to master but if conquered it can be very powerful.

LinkedIn: A B2B platform, LinkedIn is perfect for networking within your sector. LinkedIn articles can also be very powerful for SEO purposes!

… these are just a few examples.

In a nutshell, that’s our top line strategy for creating content that simply works in 2019.

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