We are different to the rest, simple. Driven by Media is led by a “Commercial First” approach with a deep understanding of what business owners & CEO’s really want: Results. That’s why (unlike other agencies) we put your ROI at the forefront of everything we do. Better conversion means new customers and existing customers spending more. Also means an improved bottom line for your business. That’s what really matters isn’t it? That’s why you’re in business. Clicks, likes and traffic are great, but it’s all just vanity if it’s not improving your bottom line. 

SEO is amazingly important, every marketer will tell you that. But if we only focus on ‘SEO keywords’ then we can only help you get you so far. At Driven by Media we have a real passion and a finger on the pulse of the bigger picture. What does your brand stand for and how does it sit alongside your competitors in your market? We value your brand. What is the next Google PPC or Email marketing activity you should undertake? How can we make sure you are the first adopter of these new ideas? Once email campaigns had a 90% open rate and keywords were a fraction of the price. Nice, right? Let us help you beat your competitors to the next big thing!

We say if you can’t measure your advertising spend, why spend it? If you don’t know it’s working by measuring how many sales you’ve achieved,  how do you know if you should spend again? Should you spend more on it, or focus on other areas? That’s why we invest a lot of time measuring, looking at the data and learning. This is where the big wins come from.

And by data, we don’t mean clicks and likes, we mean cost per sale, convention rate, brand exposure… the stuff that matters to a commercial first agency!