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SLSHOP Website Development

As a result SLSHOP have seen a 24% increase in e-commerce sales in their parts store.

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The Challenge

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I was present on several occasions when customers visited SLSHOP and, after their walk around, commented on how impressed they were by the facilities and how the online presence of the company simply did not do it justice. 

On top of this, SLSHOP had a very unique, but complex problem to solve with the website navigation. 

SLSHOP had four main services to offer. From an e-commerce store selling £1 body clips to a showroom selling £100,000+ cars – and everything in-between. The only consistent factor across all of these was the 107 SL. 

SLSHOP needed a website that catered for all of these aspects and allowed the company to achieve their goals with website that made its mark!

The Driven Solution 

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We worked closely with key individuals at SLSHOP to develop a website that simply worked. We developed a unique navigation that forced a customer into one of the four areas of the business; Showroom, Parts, Owner Services or Experience. 

By doing this, we were able to send customers into a focused landing page that was able to signpost them to the products they were looking for, thus increasing sales for SLSHOP.

Our design still allowed customers to navigate to the different areas. 


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As a result SLSHOP have seen a 24% increase in e-commerce sales in the parts store.

The website is considered to be a market leader in the independent automotive sector, thus improving their brand image.

SLSHOP has been able to spend marketing budgets on more focused traffic.

Website link will be available once site is launched.

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Free Marketing Consultation

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Driven is offering a free 2-hour consultation on any digital marketing area. This means we will spend the time doing our research. Then provide you with a top line report and strategy to move forward.

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