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Why do you need a social media strategy in 2019?

“There is no better place to market products than to do so directly to your customers – and your customers are on social media.”

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Social media has become a key area of digital marketing, which has made having a social media strategy is vital.

As we approach 2019, taking time to consider your approach to social media over the next months is very worthwhile. Social media is still growing quickly and businesses simply must embrace it. they must be involved if they are to reap the benefits and avoid being left behind by competitors.

So, if you’re considering whether you need a social media strategy, here are some reasons why it’s a must.

Build your brand and communicate

A social media strategy in its simplest form is a plan; a plan of how you will use social channels to communicate your marketing messages in the coming months and years. By building a strategy, you can plan how to build your brand on social and how you should communicate on specific social platforms.

If you don’t have a strategy for this, you’ll be going from day-to-day hoping that things fall in to place. You won’t have that long-term vision to stick to meaning your messaging can soon come off-brand and do more harm than good.

A significant advantage of having a social media strategy is that it allows you to plan your content, communication and general social activity way in advance. This means you can create materials ahead of time (e.g. content) and have a schedule for when things will be posted and how.

Not only does this allow you a clearer view of what you’re posting, but it’s also going to save you time at other points. Think of a time when you’re really busy and don’t have time to read emails, let alone post on social media. Well, with a solid social media strategy, that process can be managed seamlessly.


As we’ve said, a social media strategy is a plan for how you will use social media in your marketing. additionally everyone within your business will know the tone of voice and style of messaging that you’ll be using. This keeps things consistent and ensures nothing slips out staff are unaware of what is expected.

Put simply, social media can make or break the reputation of a company. Failing to put a social media strategy in place can mean that you’re risking the reputation of your company as there will be no blueprint as to how you should be using it.

Content marketing

Whether it be blog-type content or maybe something to promote one of your products or services then you need to market it. And social media is undoubtedly the most effective tool for content marketing and re-marketing. A social media strategy can map out how this is done, when posts are made and what content should be pushed.

Social influence online is massive, and companies will benefit from positive coverage on social media of your products. a strong social media strategy, you will have a defined set of rules and guidelines for how to display your products online. You can also include guidance about how to react to customer conversation on social about your products. It could be the difference between getting a sale, or not.

Improves search rankings

Such is the importance of social media today that Google and other search engines take it into account when ranking. Social accounts which are well-run and add value will likely help your website improve in the search rankings as well. This underlines just how important it is for your activity on social to be strategic.

Putting together a social media strategy may take up some expense, in monetary terms of resource. also lets not hide from the fact that social media is an incredibly powerful marketing tool. You should leverage it as best as you can.

Your customers are on social media…

And so are your competitors. There is no better place to market products than to do so directly to your customers. and your customers are on social media. also make sure that you’re should being guided by your social media strategy when you’re talking with customers. A consistent and friendly tone of voice is key.

Show your human side

Last but by no means least, social media allows companies to show their human side. Messaging style on social should not be corporate and salesy; instead, make it conversational and informal. All of this guidance would be included in your social media strategy.

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